Bruce Everett
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Near Cannonville

Clouds Over Powell Point

Where Creek Becomes Ocean

Near Sand Creek

Indian Farm Creek

Trees Near Torrey

White Outcrops

Sulphur Creek

Country Road

Afternoon Monsoon

Yellow Cliffs

East Fork

Valley of Caves

Sentinel Cliff

Spooner Cove Fog

Morro Bay from the Hill Ranch

Russian Olive

Property Line

Eagle Ranch Reservoir

Two Junipers

Off Santa Rosa Creek Road

Capital Reef

View from Torgerson's Ranch

End of the Road

Lost Gulch

Merrill Ranch

Storm Over Bryce Canyon


View from the Homestead

Disney Point at Montana de Oro

Hole in the Rock at Point Buchon

Morning light at Point Buchon

Stonehenge at Point Buchon

Outcropping Off Green Valley Road

View Toward Cambria

Smoky Sunset

High Road/LowRoad

Morro Bay From Green Valley Road

Swallow Creek

Surf at Poipu

Wainiha Bay

Lone Sumac

Going Up

Afternoon Rain Over Mt. Sopris

On the Way to Richfield


Late Light

Foggy in Cayucos

Palo Prieto Canyon

Wild Surf at Montaņa de Oro

Palo Prieto Streambed

Winter Surge

Pomar Junction Vineyard

Santa Rosa Creek

Sweet Springs Preserve

Distant Peaks

Hole Rock

Fog Cap on Morro Rock

Santa Margarita Lake

Lopez Point

Northwest View From
Whale Rock Reservoir
Cutbank in Rice Canyon
Dairy Creek Golf Course

Mustard Hills on the Salinas

Val Verde

Late May in the Carrizo Plain

Cerro Romualdo

Clear Day on the Salinas

Selby Rocks

Fox Glacier Runoff

Missouri River

Dry Gulch

Storm in Granite Canyon

View from Baron Canyon

Donati Vineyard


View toward Redstone

View from Santa Rosa Creek Road

Mt. Monroe

Mt. Sopris in July

Avila Harbor

Bitter Water Canyon

Moonrise over the Carrizo

Oak Composition

Piedra Blanca

Interrupted Passage

A Break From the Rain

Off Paradise Road

Figueroa Creek

Asilomar Coast

Hatch Utah

View From Figueroa Mountain

Red Rocks and Juniper

Sunrise On Little Butte

On Alamo Creek Road

Bristle Cone Point from Bryce Wash

Dusk in the Pismo Preserve


View Towards Pismo

Land of Sharp Edges

Two Mounds

Off Turri Rd.

Late Sun at Sedgwick Preserve

Buckwheat and Oaks

Path Through the Break

Gallery 1 | 2 | 3 (Plein Air Paintings)

Price Range: $1,200 - $16,000
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